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There are key excuses and misunderstandings to why business owners cannot grow their business. Watch this video below to see if any of these key excuses are yours.

NOTE - Summer pricing is over, but first-time clients can still get this program at a reduced rate.

Keys to Growth Explosion

When I'm talking with a business owner about their business goals for growth I see the same things over and over. In fact I hear almost the exact excuses every time and it's interesting to know that we all struggle with similar issues.

Although I hear many different excuses, I want to focus on the three I hear the most because if you are having trouble growing your business it is likely that all three of these are an issue to some extent.

  1. "I cannot raise my prices. My industry is different and there is no way to sell a package for my product or services. People will simply not pay more."
    I have not found an industry or market where the product or service is always sold at the same price. There are always different product price levels available, from starter to exclusive, expert, or high-end. There is not one-price model for anything that is sold. That means that there is a way to change your pricing strategy and create more value.
  2. "I don't have time right now. Maybe in six months or a year I will have more time if I can..."
    Not having time when you are in maintenance mode means that you are missing something from your business. If you want to get into growth mode you first have to make the time to do the new work and I have ways to help you do that.
  3. "This is exactly what I need but I can't afford it right now."
    If having an experienced strategist help you create a growth plan that you can easily roll out is what you need right now and you don't do it then growth is not your focus right now. When you are really serious about stepping up your company's profits then you will do what it takes to make it happen. This goes for all your business growth investments. I have a special offer to make it easier.

So if you are seriously looking for ways to grow your business then let me help you with all three of these issues.

1. Raising Your Prices / Creating Packages / Selling More

We are going to look at what you are selling, determine how (and if) you are making money, and what you can do to sell more. I have systems that allow me to quickly determine the value of your products or services and what you can do to add value.

2. Time Management Strategies

This piece alone will get you through to CEO of any company. How to find and make time to do what is your best use of time in your company and how to look after the things you don't have time for. I have three strategies I use to help people better manage how they use their time.

3. Save You Money

If $1500 or more has always felt out of your range then this is definitely for you. I've created this program for you to work directly with me for 90 minutes and I'm giving you a month with a check-in and emails to ensure you start the work and get going in the right direction.

You will get:

  • Pre-work to complete so I can understand your business before we spend time together.
  • 90 minutes on a video conference call with me.
  • 30 days of email access to me to get input, review, and ongoing support.
  • A second video conference check-in call to ensure your plan is going well.

Special Price $995¹
¹For first-time clients only (plus tax where applicable)

I don't sell my time by the hour and my smallest package for one-to-one work is $1500. You must be serious about wanting to do the work of growth to work with me because I'm serious about finding you the solutions you can use to build a bigger business.

If that is not enough then here is one more reason to do this work now.

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¹NOTE - Summer pricing is over, but you can still get this program at this reduced rate.

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